How long will my order take to arrive?

Turn around times depend on your address, your selected postal service and the exact products purchased. Below is a list of the turn around times, from the date ordered until the day your order is sent out from our office in Adelaide, Australia. Please note shipping time is not included in these estimates.
MX Graphics: 1-2 Weeks
BMX Plates: 1-2 Weeks
Seat Covers: 1-3 Weeks
Casual Wear: 1-2 Working Days
Spoke Wraps: 1-2 Working Days

Which Logos can I add to my order?

You can list any logo’s you want whatsoever, however, if you list uncommon logo’s please email us with these separately. Obviously MX related brands are the most common e.g, Fox, Alpinestars, Motul, Dunlop, FMF. There are only a few minor exclusions that we are unable to print, including the RedBull logo, the KTM logo, and the Nike Swoosh, due to their very strict licensing laws. We will contact you to resolve any logo issues we may encounter with your order.

What does the option 'Select Number Style' mean?

You can select the font type of the numbers that will be used on your kit to add more customization to your chosen design. On the product page, click 'More Photos’ underneath the big product photo and you will see a second picture appear displaying the number styles you can choose from.